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You could argue that the relationship between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes in the MCU is a rocky one… A more than rocky one. They are perfectly capable of working together however with reluctance, which is what makes their dynamic so interesting to watch on screen. This is why I think the news of a series together is exciting.

Even though Marvel and Disney have not made any official comments about the potential of such a show, it has been reported that Malcolm Spellman (whose filmography is not so large right now) has been tapped to write for the show. Of course the show will be streamed on “Disney Play” with the father of the MCU, Kevin Feige producing.

Maybe I’m alone in saying this, but I think they’re really putting forward some interesting ideas with these limited series for “Disney Play.” For example, Falcon and the Winter Soldier (both of which have donned the mantle of Captain America in the comics) are directly linked through Captain America. So what will they do? Where will the go in Cap’s absence? Which is the rumor circulating at the moment.

All in all, I think this is great news as it will not only give us a way of seeing a more personal part of the Marvel Universe, it will only bring interest to the new streaming platform.

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Source: SuperBroMovies

-Tyrone Devon